Autonomous AvoChair Review

If you are looking into upgrading your home office, consider investing in a chair that takes into account the intricacies of your musculoskeletal system. Sitting down puts a lot of stress and tension upon your spine — particularly your lower thoracic, coxic, and lumbar areas.  Most people have a natural tendency to slouch down in their chair and hunch over their desk. However, these bad habits can lead to stress, backaches, and strain that irritate the discs in your spine. The Autonomous AvoChair is a wonderful addition to any work from home setup., especially if you are doing remote work and looking to stay healthy while doing so.  We will discuss some features that make the Autonomous AvoChair stand out as well as features we hope to see included in later editions of this office chair.


  • Height and inclination can be adjusted freely 
  • Good price value, but features are minimal or standard


  • Slight rocking can occur when weight shifting — there is no mechanism to lock the tilt in place



The chair’s health conscious design is semi-sphere shaped with an oval backrest. Elastomeric  padded armrests and the waterfall seat design keep you comfy with ample airflow so that you don’t get too hot or sticky if you are sitting down for long periods. This also means that you will stay cool and dry even during the hot summer months when temperatures tend to rise. The bulk of the chair is made from recyclable parts, but does not skimp on the style value added to your home office. The supportive backrest means you won’t have to compromise your back or productivity levels because there is a good balance of ergonomics, comfort, and breathability to keep you stable while you sit. Below the seat on the right hand side is a lever that lets a user adjust the height to his or her liking. 

The unique design means that this office chair is easy to assemble with minimal fuss because it comes with an Allen tool to help you fasten and secure the chair’s components.

Ergonomics & Support

The support is particularly great if you are someone that likes to work in a reclined position because you won’t feel like your balance is off centered while engaging in tilting. Levers and releases mean that you can find the right position that keeps your hips, shoulders, and waist in the best possible alignment without any unnecessary stress or strain.

Future Improvements & Additional Considerations

While The Autonomous AvoChair has a lot of great features, there are some things that can be improved upon in making this chair better. While there is nothing inherently wrong with the chair, there are a few personal preferences that may be the deciding factor in terms of whether this chair is right for you.

Weight Support for a Softer Feel

The chair has a 5-spoke base that is quite wide, which enables greater weight support in making this chair ideal for the structural durability a larger user may need. However, depending on your setup you may find that the base is not as small or compact as other chairs that are currently available. 

The chair itself once fully assembled weighs 44 pounds and other than pushing the chair into your desk, there are no space saving mechanisms that can be utilized after  you finish working. A minor complaint is that some may find that the arm pads are too hard — a soft gel pad can easily be placed on top of the armrest to give a softer feel to it.

The Mesh Seating

The biggest problem that you may have in the long run is the tension within the mesh seating, which may suffer as part of the chair’s normal wear and tear. This is because the tension may loosen over prolonged use and as a consequence the seat may become softer giving rise to a feeling like you are sinking into the chair. If you are on the heavier side weight wise, this seat may not be the best for you.

Perhaps the manufacturer could have included a second mesh that the user could replace, but this is not the case. Furthermore, there are no mesh replacements for the seat available on the manufacturer’s website.