Autonomous Ergochair 2


Saying ‘no’ to the pricey office chairs that trigger panic attacks doesn’t mean settling for poor design and cheap quality; it means picking an ergonomic chair that your back and butt needs.

ErgoChair 2, the BIFMA certified office chair by Autonomous, is just that.

ErgoChair 2 is dynamic with loads of recline and tension adjustments, the mesh breathes and moves with you throughout the day as you change positions.


ErgoChair 2 is one of the easiest office chairs to put together. It arrives disassembled and only takes 30 minutes or so to go from the box to sitting in it. You’ll not run into any issues during installation thanks to the assembly instructions and tool kit that come with the package.


Like all of Autonomous’ products, the ErgoChair 2 has a strong emphasis on health. This new version of the ergonomic chair looks a lot like its predecessor but features several ‘posture fit’ upgrades. For instance, built-in lumbar support, conforming supportive foam seat, an Italian-designed tilt mechanism, and more.

As far as the build goes, most of the parts of ErgoChair 2 are heavy plastic. Plastic is tough enough and helps keep the cost down, but it does make some people worry about durability. But you have nothing to lose here since they offer a 30-day trial. It seems Autonomous is pretty confident that people won’t return it!

If you are sitting at the desk for 8+ hours a day, comfort is a must. The Korean mesh back provides plenty of airflow to keep your back from getting all sweaty. The mesh also allows for a subtle stretch and cradles the body whenever you lean backwards. The seat is soft, supportive and comes in breathable fabric. Another plus – because the weight distribution is even, it also helps with circulation, so if you have had any cardiac problems, then this definitely a more significant thing to consider.

It comes in 6 different colours – All Black, Cool Grey, Evergreen, Black & White, Red Apple, and Baby blue – and they’re all stylish and look great regardless of the surrounding décor.


We aren’t kidding. ErgoChair 2 can adapt, evolve, and can please just about anyone. Be it any seating position or posture, it conforms to your back and won’t give you any butt cramp – one of the many reasons why ErgoChair 2 is well-received by PC gamers and white-collar workers alike.


Adjustments! A lot of different adjustments, much more than the big-name brands out there! Pretty much every piece of this office chair is fully adjustable to fit your body or the activity you are doing.  For longer (and pain-free) business meetings or skype calls, simply pull the lever on the back for better lumbar support.  If you are gaming, adjust the back a little closer to the body, lock it in place, and tilt down the seat a little.  If you’re looking to ‘sit back and relax’, just leave the back unlocked and set the back-tilt. The tilt tensioner lets you adjust the weight effortlessly that you sink slowly backwards in a breeze. With excellent swivel capabilities, you can move ErgoChair 2 the way you want.


  • Headrest. Tilt to adjust the angle; pull up and down for adjusting the height A personal favourite feature of many users, the curvy headrest comes with height (up to 70 mm) and tilt (45 degrees) adjustability. The gratifying neck support is a win-win for anyone working 6+ hours a day.
  • Lumbar support. Lever the handle up or down The well thought out, and fully adjustable lumbar support keeps your back free from strain no matter how long you sit on this chair.
  • Armrests. 3D adjustable: right to left, up and down, and back and forward Made of vinyl type material, the armrests are firm and soft but not overly comfortable. They have adequate padding for the majority of the users.
  • Large handle on the right towards the back. Adjusts the seat tilt Seat tilt adjustment is vital to create the angle that counterbalances upright posture. Just flip the handle counter-clockwise, and you are good to go.
  • Rotating handle on the right side. Adjusts the strength of the back tilt tension Want to sit back and relax while reading lengthy emails? Recline the chair by adjusting the tilt tension!
  • Lever on the left side. Adjusts chair back angle Because slouching back or leaning too forward isn’t good for your health!
  • The larger handle on the right. Adjusts chair’ height So you can keep the feet flat on the floor and upper body in alignment with the computer.
  • The smaller handle on the right. Moves the seat cushion backwards and forward Adjust the seat depth so that the chair doesn’t press against your
  • Lever on the back of the chair. Locks or unlocks the back of the chair


ErgoChair 2 has a loyal customer base, though some users say it received more hype than it deserves. In our opinion, this ergonomic chair could be much more helpful if these features were better developed.

  • Fit. The fit isn’t universal as other high-end office chairs. The maximum carrying capacity advertised is 350lbs.
  • The upholstery fabric and foam density. Most of the criticism is for too soft cushion and inadequate padding.
  • Armrests. They are a bit harder, but if you have a gel cover, you can quickly solve this issue.
  • Headrest. Loud clicking sound when adjusting the angle is a bit irritating.

It may not be the Aeron but a close, pocket-friendly second.

ErgoChair 2 is not just a chair that happens to have some ergonomic features. In itself, it is an ergonomic office chair. Everything about it, from weight capacity (350lbs) to 360° flexibility and excellent full-body support, is designed for prolonged sitting.

Yes, the jury is out on its long- term durability, but that can be neglected for its price point and ergonomic support.

It may sound illogical, but standing desk or an adjustable sit-stand desk does need chairs of their own. If you already own Autonomous SmartDesk 2, you should definitely try out ErgoChair 2. It’s a perfect combo to relax a bit more at work while keeping your posture right and back pain-free.


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