How To Brighten Up An Office or Home Office [A Simple Guide]

Depending on your job needs you may find yourself slowly adjusting to working back at the office. Even if you are working from home, you might find yourself wanting to brighten up your home or office space. Here are a few tips and ideas to get started!

Create a productive atmosphere

Spaces that are drabby and boring do not encourage you to stay focused and on task when it comes to being productive at work. However, there are a few simple considerations you can keep in mind to make your workspace more appealing to your needs.

  • Light: Natural light is always the best light you can have because the sunlight is a natural signal to the body that promotes alertness. If you have access to a window, be sure to use it throughout your workday to help regulate your body’s natural sleep and wake schedule. Maintain brightness early throughout the day and start fading out the sunlight as you get closer to the evening. 
  • Color vibrancy: Consider the kinds of colors that stimulate and inspire your creative senses because color psychology can impact your mood. If you are not willing to break out your paintbrush, then consider changing up the design of your room through stick on wallpaper. Easy to apply and remove, temporary wallpaper can transform your room in no time at all 
  • Go Green: Enjoy a natural boost to your mood and energy levels by adding more plants to your workspace. Pick an easy to care for plant like Devil’s Ivy or Aglaonema, which adapt well to various light settings and require minimal watering. These plants will boost the oxygen levels in your room while adding a nice touch of decor.

Small changes with a big impact

Consider barriers that can improve the quality of your workspace. If you are on the computer a lot, then you may want to add a blue light filter screen to your computer monitor. These screen protectors will help reduce dryness and irritation to your eyes while reducing damage to your retinas. Too much strain on your eyes can lead to headaches, migraines, and fatigue. 

If attention to detail is a vital component to your job, then a dedicated desk lamp can help you execute specific tasks while adding to the overall decor of your workspace. You can get a desk lamp with adjustable height and brightness levels to adapt to your needs.

Keep Your Space Organized

When it comes to your desk it is important to avoid clutter — after all, your desk is prime real estate no matter what task you are doing. Sort your most used items in a way that is easy to access, but won’t impede you from achieving your goals. Keep papers, pens, paperclips, and other office supplies handy but out of the way by using a dedicated organizer with compartments to avoid a messy avalanche. 

If a laptop is more your style, then an anti-slip desk pad is a great option that is both waterproof while offering more mouse pad room. Adjust your desk as needed and be sure to tidy up at the end of each work day so that you are ready to go for the next day. 

These principles are the same even if your workspace is digital. Declutter your digital workspace by clearing away unnecessary clutter from your home screen. Create a directory of parent and subfolders that can keep your filing system easily organized without having to hunt for the file you are searching for using consistent naming conventions. Be weary of clutter traps like your Downloads Folder — it’s easy to accumulate old software, files, and attachments you no longer need. When you save a file, be sure to rename it so that you know what it is without having to reexamine it. 

Make use of cloud storage systems to tackle physical clutter by scanning and tossing unnecessary receipts, notes, and more. Keeping a digital repository is great if you work on the go or do a lot of travel for work.

Mix It Up: Be Flexible

Keep things fun by adapting your situation to your needs.Switch up your positioning throughout the day by using a height adjustable desk that can allow you to stand as you work. If possible, change your seating position and take breaks from time to time to stretch your body. Use a balance board to keep yourself active and break up sedentary periods that may make you tired or sleepy. You will develop a stronger core and increase your ability to balance while keeping yourself more alert.

 If you are feeling too cooped up, then grab a laptop and head to a coffee shop or library. The ambiance of your environment can make all the difference in powering through a tough workday. 

Libraries are a great option because you can reserve your own room and have the peace and quiet you need to concentrate without distractions getting in the way. Library spaces are free with a valid library card and can be reserved for long periods of time. If travel isn’t your thing, consider getting noise canceling headphones that can drown out unwanted noise.

Use a Soundscape

On the other hand, if things are too quiet for your liking you can always find a background noise to suit your needs through a simple youtube search. Soundscapes are also easily accessible through apps that allow you to play nature sounds in the background. Enjoy a quiet rain or the sound of a crackling fire to stimulate you no matter what you are doing. 

Instrumental music can add to any workspace, especially if you enjoy classical music. Musc can impact the brain by improving your mental performance and overall mood. Music can also make a boring taste more appealing so that you can power through it. Regardless of what tune you choose, keep your music volume at a level that won’t impede you from hearing an incoming call while still being audible enough for your liking.